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  • Are you an entrepreneur?

  • Looking to get extra help with business development, market research, product development, prototyping and more

Work Integrated Learning programs provide you with much needed helping hands to get your early stage start up moving faster.

The Programs

Our internship programs are offered throughout the year

Fall/winter sessions:
IMC392 – Exploring New Ventures: An unpaid 24 weeks academic placement for UofT undergraduate students working at 20% FTE

Fall OR winter sessions:
IMC391 – Exploring New Ventures: An unpaid 12 weeks academic placement for UofT undergraduate students working at 20% FTE

Summer program:

IMC392 – Exploring New Ventures: An unpaid 12 weeks academic placement for UofT undergraduate students working at 40% FTE.

  • Company status and focus
    • Companies must be incorporated
    • You must have your own work space where students can work from (a co-working shared space is also acceptable, but not home office, working at the library, coffee shop etc.)
    • The business should be in early stages with potential for scalability (meaning more than a one-person self-employed consultant)
    • The business should be focused on enabling science knowledge or discovery to benefit society through commercialization of either products or services
  • Breadth of work 
    • For IMC391 / IMC392: The projects must provide the student new skills and knowledge related to the business side of the company.
  • Personal guidance and mentoring
    • Students are to work in their designated work space for at least half of their required working hours, where they can interact with their supervisor and colleagues
    • You are expected to provide ongoing guidance, timely feedback and work evaluation (see below)
    • For IMC391 / IMC392: You should keep in mind that the interns are undergraduate students with little to no work experience
  • Work evaluation (IMC391/IMC392)
    • The company supervisor must provide the student with  two evaluations of their work performance.
    • The first evaluation is submitted at the mid-point of the internship (mid-term evaluation).
    • The second evaluation is submitted at the end-point of the internship (final evaluation).
    • Supervisors are required to meet with the intern in private to discuss their work evaluation for both mid-term and final evaluations.
  • Compensation
    •  No compensation is required for IMC391 and IMC392 students
Application Process
  • The application is a simple process:
    1. Register as “employer” in this portal.
    2. Once your account is approved, follow the instructions to post a job in the job board.
Hiring Process

The hiring process for our programs varies according to the program.

IMC391 and IMC392:

  1. Companies post job offers in the portal.
  2. Students apply to jobs of their choosing.
  3. Companies interview potential candidates.
  4. Companies submit ranked list of candidates in order of preference. Internship offers are NOT given directly to the students.
  5. Students are matched with companies based on companies’ and students’ preferences.
Please see if you can find answers to your questions in the FAQ – Employers page.

If you still have questions feel free to contact the program coordinator at experience@imc.utoronto.ca

Impact Centre’s internship programs have been tremendously helpful for us. From Research to Marketing, their programs were able to connect us with some of the best students from not just UofT but also Brazil and Norway. Thanks to all of their efforts we have been able to advance our science and business significantly.
Kevin Ming

Co-founder, AllergenFree

Working with U of T students has given us new ideas and perspectives on how to grow our business.
Bin Liu

Co-Founder, iMerciv Inc.

As a charity, our interns are very valuable part of the organization. They fill much needed roles such as accounting and marketing assistants, allowing me to focus on what the organization needs the most.
Hiring and mentoring interns also helped me improved my managerial skills.
Mayrose Salvador

Executive Director, Pueblo Science